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Anne (June 21st, 2013)
When I had a pipe leak in my utility closet, the water heater, furnace and HVAC had to come out so the disaster service company could replace my flooring. Juan was in charge of taking out the water heater, furnace and HVAC before the floor could be replaced. Naturally, I was scared because of the gas lines, etc. Juan put me to ease because he is VERY knowledgeable about all the wiring and hook-ups. Juan not only repaired the bad pipe, but he had the tremendous job of removing and replacing the appliances. Additionally, Juan determined the water heater needed replacement, and he gave me a great price on the water heater! Juan is EXCELLENT! I would recommend him for ANY plumbing needs...large or small.

Manuel (April 15th, 2012)
I can't believe how amazing the service was! Very professional, clean, and extremely knowledgeable. I strongly recommend this company to ANYONE!

Kathy Syme (June 13th, 2012)
We received excellent service from All City Plumbing. Our bathroom was done with efficiency and real energy in the service. Our home was treated with consideration. We would recommend All City to all our friends and family.

Carla (June 8th, 2012)
Great job replacing an outdoor faucet. Quick, professional, complete job, friendly service.

Iliana (December 24th, 20)
I am really satisfied with All City Plumbing. I had several issues in my home and Juan was able to correct all problems quickly. It was truly a nice experience to work with a professional like Juan. He was competent, efficient, and considerate. I highly recommend All City to anybody that is looking for a great plumber who will not "drain" your wallet and offer excellent service!

Leann (December 11th, 20)
we have had Juan come out to fix our plumbing twice, he is the best plumber we have had. he fixed every thing so that it works perfect, he is also the cleanest person we have ever had. we live in a rental and have to have the plumbing fixed about every 6 months, i have already told the rental company that he is the one we want to fix the plumbing.

Chris Prather (April 17th, 2014)
ACP&S installed a new water heater at my house today. The work took a little more than an hour and I was able to learn a bit while Jaun worked. I would recommend All City Plumbing & Sewers to anyone that needs plumbing work.

Benjamin (October 15th, 201)
After purchasing a fixer upper, I was running 140psi in my plumbing and had an unusual aging water heater that needed to be replaced. Juan was able to replace the water heater and get a pressure reducing valve installed just three days after seeing the house for the first time. He was very friendly and professional. He answered all my questions, not only about the piping he was working on, but also many other questions I had around the house. I will be sure to call him again in the future and would recommend him to any friends needing plumbing work. Juan also had the best price of the four companies I called by a long shot!

Mary Jo (October 16th, 201)
Juan did a wonderfully professional job and completed it very quickly. I would recommend him and will use his services again!

Judy (November 17th, 20)
Juan has done several plumbing jobs for me. He arrives on time, diagnoses a problem accurately, and does a rapid job fixing any plumbing problem I've had, and those items never need to be refixed. He recently looked at the water line I'll need for a new refrigerator, and told me that there's an item in the crawlspace that the installers need to hook up - and if they don't, that he'd come right out and fix it. Excellent service!

Linda (Washington Park) (February 28th, 20)
Juan rocks. He quickly returns calls, shows up as promised, great personality, highly skilled and he will be my go to person for plumbing issues related to my own home, my rental and 5 other units I manage. Thank, Juan!

Trevor Kohlhepp (July 3rd, 2015)
Called Juan at All City Plumbing and Sewers at 9am, he was at my house fixing the problem that afternoon. Just wish my brother would have found these guys sooner, his plumber was suppose to show up last Saturday and never did, now he's hoping he'll show up for their rescheduled appointment Thursday. I gave him Juan's number so when he doesn't show up Thursday he can get the job done with All City Plumbing and Sewers! Do yourself a favor, don't be my brother, call All City Plumbing and Sewers and don't wonder if the plumber is going to show up, know they will!

Tom (February 18th, 20)
I had Juan hook up a basement shower drain and install the shower pan. Awesome job and awesome price! I highly recommend All City for plumbing jobs to anyone.

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